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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is a Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring?

    Speaking of the design, a Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring features two gemstones of Moissanite, nestled next to each other. Beyond that, it holds a meaning just as beautiful. The term ‘Toi Et Moi’ itself is French for ‘You and Me,’ that beautifully celebrates the union of two souls as one.

  2. What does the Toi Et Moi Ring symbolize?

    First things first, the French term ‘Toi Et Moi’ translates to ‘You and Me,’ which reflects upon the endearing symbolism that it boasts. The twin stones here commemorate the union of two souls as one.

  3. Are Moissanite Toi Et Moi Rings timeless?

    Absolutely yes!

    Besides its contemporary appeal, a Toi Et Moi Ring transcends trends to serve as a timeless token of love. Popular ever since the 18th century, it refuses to go out of style with its iconic, romantic, and classic appeal.

  4. Can a Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring be used for Engagement?

    A big yes!

    Striking the perfect balance between trendy, romantic and timeless, Moissanite Toi Et Moi Rings are the new classic to pop the question with. What’s more, the timeless appeal and impressive durability further goes on to make it an excellent choice of engagement ring.

  5. How do I care for a Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring?

    Caring for a Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring the right way requires you to abide by the following tips and tricks:

    • Make sure to clean your Moissanite ring religiously every once a month to do away with all the accumulated dirt, oil, and grime.

    • Always remember that harmful chemicals can cause your Moissanite to appear slightly dull over time. To keep such a risk at bay, make sure to slip on your sparkler only once you have applied your makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical-loaded products.

    • Don’t forget to take your Toi Et Moi Ring off before indulging in strenuous activities like gardening, cooking, playing sports, etc.

    • While Moissanite is held in high regard for its impressive durability, but a harder gemstone like Diamond still holds the potential of scratching it. So just to be a little extra cautious, make sure to store it separately in a velvet-lined jewelry box.

    • Over exposure to soaps, shampoos, or chlorine in swimming pool can prove to be detrimental for your Moissanite over time. So, never forget to take your Moissanite Ring off before hopping in the shower or going for a swim.

  6. Can I wear Moissanite Toi Et Moi Rings everyday?

    Only surpassed by Diamonds in terms of hardness, Moissanite strikes a perfectly durable hardness rating of 9.25 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which implies that it can withstand the wear and tear of regular use with much ease.