Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is Moissanite Stackable Ring?

    True to what the name suggests, Moissanite Stackable Ring is made to be worn alongside other rings to create a more fuller, eye-striking, and statement-making look.

  2. How many rings should you stack?

    There are no hard and fast rules which dictate that. This is entirely a matter of personal style, preference, and well, the thickness of the bands that you’re stacking. A classic ring stack typically boasts two to three rings.

  3. Is stacking rings a trend?

    Yes, and it might even be the biggest jewelry trend as of now.

    The simple reason resides in the fact that it allows you great creative freedom to create a look that is all you (and puts your favorite rings on the spotlight all at once). Moreover, it breaks free from the conventions to curate a unique statement-making stack that isn’t defined by a particular style. It is breezy, free-spirited and playful at best. The best part? A ring stack lends you the illusion of one giant size ring.

  4. Can you stack rings on one finger?

    Yes, that’s the whole point of stackable rings! Typically, people prefer curating a ring stack that boasts about two to three rings.

  5. Should stacking rings be different sizes?

    The art of Ring Stacking can best be defined as a personal choice. If you wish for a more uniform and symmetrical look, you can go for rings with identical sizes. However, if a more dynamic, textured, and visually interesting look appeals you, there is nothing better than a stack boasting rings of different sizes.